Technology is sometimes “Too Good”.

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I’m sitting in the family room, MacBook Pro on my lapboard, tweeting and plurking while I wait on gPartd to repartition the desktop in my office so I can install Windows 7 Beta.  Well we’ve got the Ravens-Titans game on the big screen and about 5 minutes to go in the game.  I’m a sports geek too.

I notice “Spaz”, my Twitter client of choice ( refresh and there was a tweet:  “Oh the Ravens won” from @wandren.  For just a brief moment, I was confused by this.  There was 5 minutes left.  Then it clicked.  I turned to my wife and said “We are not live, are we?”  She responded “No. Why?”.  I sighed.  “I know the outcome”.  We were not “Live” because we have a DVR or Digital Video Recorder.

DVR’s are one of the greatest things since sliced bread, but for me, my DirecTV High Definition DVR is a bane in my life. It’s setup to be able to watch one thing while recording another or record two things at once and its even cool enough to let me watch something already recorded while recording the other two things.

With three people in the house, I will frequently be watching something live when I get a notification that it has to change to another channel to record a program.  I check to see what’s recording and it will be something like “The Bachelor” for my wife and “Ultimate Fighting” for my son, neither of which I want to watch nor do I dare cancel one and face their wrath.  So much for finishing what I was watching…

The constant information stream that is Twitter ( did a great job of informing me of what is happening but at the same time a great close football game that went down to the wire was waiting on me to watch, ignorant of its quantum placement, I was happy watching the delayed game.

My wife wanted to know the result. I told her and we ended up not watching the end of the game.  The battling technology of instant information vs. time shifting went head to head.  This time the instant information won.  We flipped over to the other game and the Carolina Panthers were driving down the field.

Spaz updates.  @nflscore says “NFL score update CAR 7 – ARI 0 (Q1 11:56)” and @RealtorLiz says “TOUCHDOWN #PANTHERS”.  I look at my wife.

“We’re not live, are we?”


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  1. 9to5to9


    This reminds me of the dilemma West Coast Web news sites face on everything from the Oscars to “American Idol.” The news is out there: It’s hours old before it even airs here. But how or if to report it without annoying folks who don’t want to know? I eventually settled on posting it, but with a headline vague enough to not give it away to folks who didn’t want to know.

    That’s because I still remember one Olympics when I did NOT want to know the outcome of figure-skating medals. The day of the Kwan-Lupinski matchup, I avoided the wires all day long and even stepped out of a couple of meetings to avoid hearing.

    But then, an hour before quitting time, a co-worker announced, “Well, I see little Miss Tara got her gold. ”


    The challenges of the “too much information” age.

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