16 Things you did not know . . . (and a bonus 9)

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There are various 16 things, 25 things, 40 things lists going about.  In general, someone produces a list then “tags” X number of friends through social networks and posts their list.  The tagged people are supposed to do their 16 things and tag other people including tagging back the person who tagged you.  I’ve been reluctant to play since someone has to break the chain, but I caved.  Here’s mine.  EDITED to bring the total to 25.

1.  I have two personalities that I work hard to blend in to one.  One is  my conscience and cowardice and one is my devious side, brash, dark and confidant.

2.  My last name isn’t really pronounced “miracle” but “Markle” or “Myracal”.  It traces back to 17th century Germany and is derived from “Merkle”.  But it was too hard in college to explain how to spell “markle” when its written “miracle”.  So starting with me and my kids, we are now officially the dreams of saint wannabe’s.

3.  I’m generally disorganized and lazy.

4.  I was born 16 years after my baby sister.  I have a nephew thats a mere 5 months younger than me.

5.  I’m a walking GPS.  Maxing the navigation score on the Air Force Officer Qualification Test should have told me something.  Who needs a Tom-Tom Go when you have a Rob-Rob Go?

6.  I love science.

7.  I don’t smoke.

8.  I pretty much love all sports, but I don’t get people’s fascination watching golf on TV.

9.  I have a passion to share what I know, which is why my job is about training and why I love coaching.

10.  I love puns.  I love to use puns.  This is probably why Monty Python and movies like Airplane are so high on my favorites list.

11.  I’m an admitted geek, but I try hard to not be nerdy.

12.  Related to #6, I’m also a Sci-Fi/Fantasy fan.  No, I don’t play dress up and I don’t go nuts collecting Star Wars toys, but I do love the genre.

13.  Related to #11 and #12, I still play Dungeons & Dragons.  Would you like to play a game?

14.  I lived in Key West, FL for 6 years developing online games.

15.  I’m a Kentucky farm boy.

16.  My favorite meal is pinto beans, cornbread and macaroni all mixed up.

And now for the 9 bonus entries to make the 25 things people happy….

17.  I’ve made my living as a photographer and I want to again.

18.  Related to #5, I went 38 years never being lost then I moved to Raleigh and that record went out the door.  Raleigh is a confusing place.

19.  I’m horrible with video.  I can’t shoot it, I can’t edit it.

20.  I was “Robbie” until about half way through college when I didn’t like my photo byline “Photo by Robbie Miracle” and shortened it to Rob.  Only my family and school buds still call me Robbie (and please don’t start).

21.  I’ve worked on just about every major variant of Unix through the years.

22.  I met my wife via a computer match for a college Halloween Dance.  We were not matched up, she was matched with a friend who couldn’t go, my match was a no show, we’ve been BFF’s since and that was 26 years ago.

23.  We got married 2 years to the minute after we met.

24.  My insistane to be precise with measurments, in particular time drives my wife crazy.  Example:  My son called and asked when we would be home.  I responded “In 97 seconds”.   She asked “Where did you pull that from?”  I said, thats how long it will take.  97 seconds later the truck came to a stop in our drive way.  I’m not sure what bothered her more, my geeky pull-a-number-out-of-my-ass statement or that I was right.

25.  Yea, I said ass.  I cuss like a sailor, but I also believe in being professional so most people will never hear me.  I would have loved to have gotten one of the NC WTFnnnn license plates before they realized what it meant and stopped them.

3 Responses to “16 Things you did not know . . . (and a bonus 9)”

  1. Kat

    I love learning things about you!! These are great! I also adore Star Wars, but I am not a collector!!

  2. 9to5to9

    If you ever figure out the solution to No. 1, Robbie — sorry, I had to start — let me know. That’s my chief dilemma in life, too.

    Come to think of it, I’m also #s 3, 8, 10, 11, 20 and 25. No wonder I like you.

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