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Star Wars Quiz — Survivors

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Okay this will be a short post. Hopefully it will be a fun one. How many characters introduced in movies I, II, and III are alive at the end of VI (that would be Episode 6 Return of the Jedi)? Dead Jedi ghosts do not count. They are dead. No cheating and looking at other… Read more »

Lawn Ninja — The Art of Being a Gardening Geek

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Those who know me know that one way to describe me is “Lazy and proud of it”. When I’m motivated to do something I go at it with a passion, but for me getting motivated is the hard part. And if physical labor is involved, the harder, after all I am an in-tee-lex-you-al type. So… Read more »

Sports Geek — Playing with imortal fire……

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I grew up in Sports Mecca where I’ve witnessed first hand the magnificent glory of champions. Champions who have won because they were the best and champions who have won because they refused to loose. That mecca is a wonderful world known simply as Kentucky. Today I’m committing a sin so large that I may… Read more »

Saving with Coupons

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Just to demonstrate the power of coupon savings, Sherry and I went to the grocery last night. It was a two person job because sometimes you have to “game the system”. In this case, its the limit on coupons per trip. Our store limits the number of doubling (or in this case tripling) coupons to 20 per visit. Some people solve this by making two trips, which could be as simple as filling a cart with your items that use your 20 coupons, loading those in the car, coming back in and doing it again or in our case, take two people, two carts. I think its cheating, but if your going to play the game you have to push the rules to their limits.

Saving a lot of Money on Your Grocery Bill

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As I mentioned in a previous article, my wife, Sherry won’t claim any level of geekness, but there is one thing she is very geek at and that couponing.  She has earned the title “The Queen of Free” and its a title well earned.  Just this past week, three bottles of French’s Worcestershire sauce was… Read more »

Geek Cuisine — Making a Bologna Sandwich

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How hard can it be? Well it can be a real pain in the tookus. Today during my telecommute day, it was approaching 1:30pm and the hunger monster showed up.  I didn’t want to spend much time preparing something.  I thought “Hmmm, a Bologna Sandwich and Chips would be easy”.  I was soooo wrong. Normally… Read more »

Sports Geek Update! Steelers Win! Steelers Win!

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I didn’t actually twitter much during the game.  I’m a sports geek and I was pretty focused on the game.  I think I tweeted 2 or 3 times.  I follow around 240 people and boy were they chatty during the game.  400 tweets and I would guess 70% of them were Superbowl Related. There were… Read more »