Sports Geek Update! Steelers Win! Steelers Win!

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I didn’t actually twitter much during the game.  I’m a sports geek and I was pretty focused on the game.  I think I tweeted 2 or 3 times.  I follow around 240 people and boy were they chatty during the game.  400 tweets and I would guess 70% of them were Superbowl Related.

There were Pro-Steeler’s peeps (the majority), some Cardinals peeps, and a few peeps who didn’t give a rats bum.

But 400 tweets over 4 hours is a lot.

Ads draw a lot of viewers.  Tonight’s ads involved a lot of tech.  There was a log of CGI and of course there was the 3D ads.

Any way, Phoenix, you played a great game.  It was a heck of a comeback and your team made for one of the best superbowls of all time, regardless of who won.  I know some people didn’t think it was that good of a game.  Defense is boring at times and this game had a lot of great defense which shows as a disorganized and unsuccessful offense.

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