Geek Mind — Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side of the Moon” and Life

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I try to walk a mile at lunch each day giving me a chance to ponder things other than work. I frequently pack my iPod with me. Usually I’m listening to current music: something about girls kissing, a badonkadonk or a black parade. But some times I’ll play the entire album

This album, released in 1973, has sold over 15,000,000 copies in the US alone and is notorious for having practically lived in the Billboard Top 200 charts since its release. It was absent for a few years after some accounting changes, but found its way back in and remains a presence today.

The album itself is a work of genius that any geek or geek-wanna-be should appreciate. Its complex movements between the instruments, its haunting melodies and the albums study of greed, life, death and mental health has made this an album of the ages and is high on almost every rock album list.

Personally for me, I’ve loved this album since I discovered it in 1979. I’ve burned through two or three vinyl copies, numerous cassette copies. When my wife and I bought our first CD player, we each picked out an album to buy. Mine was Dark Side. I’ve even tracked the album while watching The Wizard of Oz. Yes, it does indeed work!

But this isn’t so much about the album or the music, but the little philosophical nuggets buried within the lyrics. Many times they are simple. Which gets back to my daily walk and my philosophy time.

“And all you touch and all you see is all your life will ever be!” — Breathe, Roger Waters

I had never particularly paid attention to those lyrics before but today during my walk, I landed on them and it got me thinking.

I claim to be omniscient or “All Knowing”. My proof: I know all that I know. Therefore I know everything in my universe. When something “new” comes into my universe I know about it until then its not in my universe and doesn’t exist. Of course its all part of an attempt to be funny and clearly falls in the “Baffle them with your Bull” category.

But in a way its real. Beyond our protein and water body, who we are is defined by what we’ve experienced. What we have touched and what we have seen (along with smelled, heard and tasted) clearly defines us from an intellectual standpoint. Our personality, our job, our friends that surround us are all driven by “All you know”. And to some point, your physical being falls into this as well. Your eating and exercise experiences and your fashion experiences have a lot to do with your physical presence as well.

Its all we will ever be.

In 2002 when I spoke at my father’s funeral, I said you make your own Heaven and Hell based on your actions. You will be remembered as a good person or you will be forgotten or remembered in a bad way. Those memories are based completely on you and your experiences. Not only do your actions define you that define others because what you touch, say and do become part of others experience. Its partially a butterfly effect where a remote action can have global implications.

So live your life to the fullest. See all you can see. Learn all you can learn. Share what you learn.

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  1. Steve

    You need to hear the dts version of DSOTM if you haven’t before…

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