Tech Geek — Upgrading to WordPress 2.8 – Well that was easy.

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Okay it was a few more.  I had to click the link on my start page to connect to this blog.  Then I had to click on the login link, then the Okay button to login.  But when connecting to a blog under WordPress 2.7 you get a link at the top “WordPress 2.8 is available! Please update now.”  The ensuing screen has a confirmation click, then sit back.

A couple of minutes later you have a shiny new <a href=””>Wordpress 2.8</a> setup.  Now I was bad.  I didn’t backup my database before updating.  And you pretty much have to login afterwards to see the new setup.

But it doesn’t get much easier.   If you’re not running WordPress and you’re hosting your own blog software, this software should get a serious look.  Click <a href=””>here to learn about WordPress</a>!

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  1. Weed Wacker

    Your post “Tech Geek — Upgrading to WordPress 2.8 – Well that was easy. | The Omnigeek” was interesting when I found it on… what day is it, oh yeah today, duh, Friday… anywho I was searching on google and thought it wasn’t helping me out at first. Got what I needed here, thanks.

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