Boob Tube — NBC’s Meteor Crashes and Burns *Spoilers*

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I don’t know why NBC even tries these things. They clearly cannot do science based TV. Okay, ER was pretty good on a science side, but every thing else they do is an EPIC FAIL.

I didn’t go into this show with a lot of high expectations has other recent NBC shows have bombed, but hey, I’m willing to give it a go. I’m not sure I would even give this a “B” movie status on the SyFy (formerly SciFi) Network. Some of the original’s on SyFy are pretty bad, and this one would have a hard time making that network.

The basic plot of “The Meteor” involves a comet that hits 114 Kassandra, a main belt asteroid and knocks it out of its stable orbit into a collision course with Earth. A kook of a scientist who was fired from NASA/JPL played by Christopher Lloyd spots the impending dome and along with his assistant, played by Marla Sokoloff races from their exile observatory at the end of the Baja Peninsula with the information the Air Force will need to attack the planet killer.

Meanwhile, the JPL Science Advisor, played by Jason Alexander, that fired Lloyd’s character in the first place is at the Air Force’s Near Earth Astroid command center where the Air Force is monitoring the situation and plotting an nuclear missile strike.

A side plot revolves around a small California town, where the sheriff’s son, an LAPD officer who tries to bust his crazed partner has to try to keep the crazed partner from killing his daughter and his father the sheriff, played by Stacy Keach. The sheriff is trying to keep his small town from becoming mass chaos from the early meteor strikes that have been picking on it.

Science aside, this story is so full of stupid plot holes its not even funny.

Lets start with the exiled scientists. Instead of staying at the observatory where they can monitor things and transmit data over the internet, they decide to race along the Baja to get to JPL. Well, their older SUV breaks down and the character played by Lloyd gets hit by a truck while he’s standing in the road and killed. Note, I’m referring to the characters by their actor’s name because none of the character’s have memorable names. Assistant hitches a ride to a Police station, presumably in Tijuana, Mexico where she finds a couple of bad guys have taken over the police station and are now dressed as the cops and they try to molest her.

Now so far, she has been timid, scared and naive. Once the one dude ties to assault her, she manages to subdue him by beating the crap out of him with a fire extinguisher in a panic. But the suddenly she takes the gun from him, what looks like a .357 magnum revolver, and for the next 30 seconds, she is Laura Croft as she blasts her way out of the police station, dropping the other bad guy with three accurately placed shots and marches to the police car outside to drive to JPL where she immediately returns to her cowardly wimp character.

There is no way her character could squeeze off three shots from that gun. If she is the timid scientist, the first blast would have blown the gun right out of her hand and she probably would have missed anyway. Dumb character play.

Now to the Jason Alexander character. He’s a bumbling idiot. He doesn’t know squat and is panicked when put on the spot by the Air Force to come up with the answer. Well here is the problem. The janitors at JPL are smarter than this dude. JPL holds the brightest minds on the planet. This representation of the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory is an insult to all the fine people that work at one of NASA’s main research facilities. There is no way on Earth that JPL would depend on some numbers from a fired quack to get the job done. They are too good.

Secondly, the Air Force has a bunch of smart people too and probably wouldn’t need NASA’s input to figure out how to deal with this large rock coming toward Earth. I haven’t even gotten to the bad science in here, this is just character issues.

And WTF is going on with this sub-plot with the crazed LAPD officer? It has no place in this film.

Its a two parter that finishes up Sunday, July 19th. I’ve committed too much energy to this show to not watch the conclusion but save yourself the time…..

5 Responses to “Boob Tube — NBC’s Meteor Crashes and Burns *Spoilers*”

  1. Spytalk

    Disaster Mini-Series? More like DISASTEROUS Mini-Series, bad casting, corny low-budget gratuitous map zoom-outs and tiring audio effects. Bad acting, did I mention bad casting? Minimal “effects” far-fetched “ideas” etc. What a maroon. The 2nd half won’t be worth watching. Not that a NEO circumstance can’t happen in real life, it just won’t be a night-time soap opera when/if it does. And somebody’s a little too in love with the name “Kassandra” how many times do we have to hear that in the show. 80% fluff. I’ll Tivo it and watch the 2nd half at 2x speed.

  2. Lucas

    Oh how I wish MST3K was still around to make fine of crapsterpieces such as this! The sad thing is is that there wasn’t anything better on TV to watch than this (even digital cable). I loved the stock footage missile launches! Really, I always get a chuckle of of obvious stock footage, especially if it’s reused throughout the production.

    You can’t put all the blame on NBC for this show though. It was produced by RHI Entertainment – Apparently, they’re part of Hallmark Entertainment. If you keep that in mind while watching Meteor it doesn’t seem *quite* as bad. TWC’s Free Movies OnDemand Channel usually has several RHI Entertainment movies available if you’re ever desperate for a cheesy movie.

  3. admin

    Its mind boggling that someone would pay money to produce it in the first place. Thanks for the pointer to RHI. I wonder if they are behind the next one “The Storm” or whatever its called?

    Besides the stock footage, I though it was interesting how they filled time with their map locator with the box that zipped around then zoomed in.

  4. Jane

    Well if you if you missed METEOR, you can see almost the same movie when NBC airs THE STORM (Yes, another RHI production) on July 26th. These type of disaster TV movies are all the same. Been there, done that. There is a funny, historical chart (with photos and clips) of the top Meteor & Storm made-for-TV movies & miniseries at

  5. Gerald

    I thought it was amazing the scientists could just type all that data in on the letter part of the keyboard, without ever using a touchpad or anything. They must be Scientology-trained or have other super powerz of some sort.

    When Jason Alexander died. I laughed. (It was just George playing a joke.)

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