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Okay every once in a while these Facebook chain notes come around and some are worth playing along with. So here my “3’s of Me”
Three names I go by
1. Rob
2. Robbie
3. Dad

Three jobs I have had in my life
1. Computer Programmer
2. Photographer
3. Corporate IT Trainer

Three places I have lived
1. Louisville, KY
2. Key West, FL
3. Cary, NC

Three favorite drinks
1. Mountain Dew
2. Lemonade
3. Drinks with Tequila

Three TV shows that I watch (regular season)
1. Criminal Minds
2. Big Bang Theory

Three places I have been
1. Anchorage , AK
2. San Francisco, CA
3. Chicago, IL

Three of my favorite foods
1. Pizza
2. Chicken
3. Snickers

Three people I would like to meet (living)
1. The President
2. Taylor Swift
3. Christian Amanpour

Three friends I think will respond
1. I
2. Have
3. No Idea

Three things I am looking forward to
1. Watching my son play hockey
2. Taking photos
3. Working on my website

Your turn!

4 Responses to “Robisms – 3’s of Me”

  1. stargazer

    1. Criminal Minds
    2. Big Bang Theory
    3. NUMB3RS
    Three of my top favs as well… Plus NCIS!

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