Why do you still run Internet Explorer 6?

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There is a growing movement on the Internet. That movement is to bring to an end an era. That era is known as Internet Explorer 6. For those who don’t know what Internet Explorer 6 is, its called a Web Browser or a program that you use to visit web pages like this. Surprisingly many people don’t know what a web browser is, they just know you click on the Blue E to get on the Internet. This program is more commonly known as IE6

“Why is this a problem?” you ask.

IE6 is nine years old. In computer terms this is ancient. It is buggy, prone to hackers and others who want to do ill-will to your computer.

Internet standards have evolved considerably and there are many new features that web developers could use to make your Internet experience much better. Today’s browsers are hundreds of times faster when working with sites like Facebook and YouTube. And IE6 is filled with quirks that take web developers considerably longer to work around.

With the new features available to web developers, we can produce some extraordinary experiences for you. Making them work in IE6 seriously limits our ability to make your Internet time the best that it can be. For the betterment of the Internet we need everyone who can upgrade do so. Several major sites have announced that they will no longer be supporting IE6.

IE6 users represent around 20% of web users, so most people have upgraded. However for this blog, around 50% of you are still using IE6.

We know that there are several reasons why you cannot upgrade to a more modern browser. Perhaps your computer is running an operating system older than Windows 2000. Perhaps you are accessing this site from a computer at work where your IT department has it locked down. Those reasons are hard to deal with. The other reasons you might not is you fear change or you feel you lack the skill to install new software.

In the latter case, Microsoft certainly has not built Windows as a platform to make that easy. Its full of technical mumbo-jumbo and scary, multiple step processes that are indeed frightening. For your benefit, you should not let these two reasons from keeping you from a better Internet.

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  1. airr

    I was forced to use IE6 at work. For most of the work related stuff, we work on Solaris and for browsing, we had to connect to windows through citrix. We couldnt install anything on it. So IE6 was the only option.

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