6 Reasons to upgrade to TweetDeck 0.30

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and 4 reasons you should be using TweetDeck anyway.

The newest release of TweetDeck came out yesterday, September 9th and it included a lot of new features.

For those that do not know what TweetDeck is, it is a Twitter “client” that runs as an application on your computer rather than using Twitter through their website. Clients are a popular way to use Twitter rather than using their Website.

Here are some of the highlights in TweetDeck 0.30 that makes it worth upgrading.

1. Better bit.ly integration.

Prior to this release, Tweetdeck used bit.ly as its URL shortener. It also would expand bit.ly URL’s to their full URL in a preview window so you could see the URL you were really clicking on. But bit.ly is more than just a URL shortening service. It provides analytics on your tweets. They can track click thru’s on URL’s that you shortened through their website. This gives you an idea of how popular your links are based on click through rate. Now TweetDeck 0.30 allows you to enter your bit.ly account ID and API key and URL’s shortened in TweetDeck will now show up on your bit.ly account.

2. Better handling of multiple accounts.

This may seem like a minor thing, but it was quite a major feature for me. It better serve my Twitter followers, I decided I should separate my Geek tweets from my Photography tweets. So I now have two twitter accounts that I post from. For some of my followers, I follow them from both accounts.

Previously, if I clicked on a Reply or Retweet and I followed that person from multiple twitter accounts, it would sent the tweet for each account, meaning for those people, it double posted unless you were careful and turned off one of the two accounts. Now TweetDeck is smart. If I reply from a column that is for my @OmniGeek account, it picks that account to tweet from. If I click from a column setup for @MiracleMan then it uses only that ID to tweet. I’m sure my followers will greatly appreciate this feature.

3. Better Facebook support.

I pretty much ignored Facebook from TweetDeck. Most of the people I follow on twitter I have as friends on Facebook, so I ended up reading their status updates twice.

Now you can get a full feed complete with Wall posts, photo uploads, and those annoying app updates. I’ll now know when you iced Don Bunko in Mafia Wars. Okay, maybe that’s not a good feature.

In addition to the enhanced feeds (and you have always been able to update your status from TweetDeck versions that supported Facebook) you can now also favorite (Like) a post and you can leave Facebook comments on posts directly from TweetDeck. It shows you the Like and Comment counts and clicking on the comment balloon or the thumbs up icon lets you activate those items.

4. MySpace support.

MySpace has kind of become irrelevant with Facebook’s rapid growth. But people still use MySpace. Now from TweetDeck I can update my status as well as my mood. I can also see my friends activities, their statuses and comments left for me. These are different columns. I would have liked to have seen a combined Status/Activities column since column space is precious in TweetDeck.

5. Photo uploading is now drag and drop.

Instead of clicking on the photo icon (which you can still do) you can drag a photo to the update bar and it will upload it to your photo sharing service of choice. Previously this was limited to yFrog and TwitPic. Now TweetPhoto has been added and its the default unless you change it. Now if it just did Flickr!

You can upload 5 photos at a time with this service. Oh and you can upload photos to Facebook as well.

Now 4 reasons you should be using TweetDeck anyway!

TweetDeck included a lot of changes in 0.30. I’ve highlighted what I think are the big changes. You can see the full list of what changed a the TweetDeck ChangeLog which has lots of information about each of the new features.

6. Automatic URL shortening.

Previously you had a separate box to enter a URL and had to click a button to shorten a URL. Now just entering the URL as you type your update will cause it to shorten once the URL is complete. Of course this is optional if you want to do it the old way.

If you’re not using TweetDeck you should. Its an incredible tool for managing your Twitter, Facebook and now Myspace accounts.

7. Its an Adobe AIR application.

This is a turn off for some people since you have to install Adobe AIR to being with. Of course people with IT locked down computers will struggle with their IT departments to get it added, but its so worth the fight. When a new version of TweetDeck comes out, it can install itself with nothing more than a click and perhaps entering your password. No ugly installers throwing pages of legalese at you. No techno-scary questions about where to install it and problems it might case. It just works.

8. Automatic Updates

If you are using twitter.com you have to refresh your page to get new updates. Tweetdeck checks every few minutes for you automatically updating your feed showing you what is new.

9. You can have multiple feeds going at once.

You can watch for mentions where you are referenced in a reply. You can have a column of your direct messages. You can have columns of search based replies. You can have a column that shows you currently hot or trending topics. You can even create columns to group your followers by. Do you want to separate your friends from your activities? You can. I’m follow four groups of people: Photographers, Programmer Geeks, Sports People and my Co-workers. I can group my followers and give each one their own column.

10. TweetDeck has awesome multiple-account support.

In addition to letting you manage your FaceBook and MySpace accounts in 3.0, TweetDeck has long supported multiple twitter accounts. Perhaps you have a personal account and a work account you need to use. TweetDeck will let you do that.

Go get TweetDeck Today. You won’t be sorry.

Comments? Have a favorite TweetDeck feature? Lets us know by posting a comment below.

2 Responses to “6 Reasons to upgrade to TweetDeck 0.30”

  1. topsurf

    I agree, as one with several twitter accounts I use many applications for twitter. Tweetdeck seesmic, and destroytwitter among them. I am happiest when at one with the tweetdeck. I find it to be a top notch performer. The new upgrades rises it up and beyond the others IMHO.

  2. 9to5to9

    OK, you convinced me! I’m usually bad about delaying software upgrades. Don’t even ask me what version of WordPress I’m on – I haven’t had time in a while to blow up my template. But I think I need to take the plunge sooner rather than later on TweeDeck.

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