Boob Tube — Kanye West’s VMA Outburst Conspiracy Theory?

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Needless to say, the water cooler talk at almost every office today wrapped around the latest episode from Kanye West during the MTV Video Music Awards where he interrupted Taylor Swift just as she started to give her acceptance speech for her first Moon Man trophy.

If you haven’t seen/heard about it:

A co-worker today floated a conspiracy theory. We all love a good conspiracy right?

His opinion: It was staged.

And the logic behind it is pretty strong actually. Lets face it the VMA’s are not what they used to be. Are they even relevant any more? MTV doesn’t play videos. MTV2 which was supposed to play videos rarely plays them anymore. Even CMT only plays videos about half the day. doesn’t play videos and VH1 Classics play oldies. That leaves GAC for country videos (and now they have an hour or so mid-day with more interviews than music) and FUSE. So how can you have a Video Music Award when there are no TV stations playing videos?

So there needs to be some excitement to get MTV and their non-relevant awards show back into the spotlight. So use a tried and true formula:

West becomes the bad boy. Swift comes off as the innocent angel. Beyonce becomes the hero. All further each performers reputation. MTV is thrust back into the media. Since West needs street cred, even a bad event is good for him.

But we have to defer to Occam’s razor that states that when you have to competing hypotheses, the simpler one is usually the right one.

Conspiracy Theory or Jerk? You decide.

Several celebrities have made their thoughts known in the media and through Twitter. Pink, Katy Perry and Kelly Clarkson have all spoken out. The links to their responses are below. Be aware that they are heavy with expletives.

Katy Perry summed it up the best “IT’S LIKE U STEPPED 0N A KITTEN”

So what are your thoughts? Planned? Not planned? Right? Wrong? Leave your comments below!

2 Responses to “Boob Tube — Kanye West’s VMA Outburst Conspiracy Theory?”

  1. topsurf

    I’m not completely convinced it wasn’t staged, lets face it they were hyping Jay Leno as well, it was all you saw last week on the TV, guess who the first guess was slated for Monday night? That’s right Kanye. What better way to get the rating up for that show as well and keep Kanye’s name out there. I believe where celebrity is concerned it’s all about keeping your name on people’s lips.
    Great post!

  2. Kate

    completely agreed. Leno gets a GREAT interview on the first night of his 10 pm show (up against Monday night football), MTV/VMAS get the hype/website hits, images of all 3 stars are reinforced/enhanced…

    i’ll take it even further and say that someone in the pressroom was waiting for Obama to make an off-the-cuff comment to ‘leak’ it to twitter/tmz– this makes the President look REALLY good in a time when he’s being heckled by southern senators and the public is unsure about his healthcare plan– defending a little white country singer and calling a black man a ‘jackass’ (all off the record of course) brings a few of the southern white conservatives back into his fold for now.

    this is all a huge conspiracy– i’m not sure how involved each star/the president is, but i’m sure that the PR people are all involved.

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