I am a Time god. Bow to my inner-chronometer.

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One of the interesting challenges that a lot of people have is being punctual. We tend to run late and unless you live in Key West, where things run on Island Time where what time you show up, just doesn’t matter. People even have trouble guessing how much time has elapsed or how long things will take.

I however seem to have an internal clock that is insanely accurate. I have a quasi-game I play with my wife, where I insist on stupidly accurate numbers as any good science loving geek would do.  Relative to this post, I tend to give time estimates to an accuracy with in a minute, such as: I’ll be there in 17 minutes. What’s odd, is I tend to be correct within that minutes.

Today I pulled two time estimates out of my proverbial derriere. We were in Virginia Beach and my oldest son, Brandon wanted to be texted when we we left. I texted him: “We will be home at 8:52”. We were over 3.5-4 hours away depending on traffic, weather, stops and so on. The SUV was put into park at 8:53:15, a mere 16 seconds over my estimate. Maybe it was the extra nature stop that I didn’t plan for or it was the two cars that turned in front of us as we entered our neighborhood (delayed us by about 15 seconds). A 3.5+ hour drive nailed to a 30 second window.

This isn’t the first time I’ve done this. Its happens more often than not.

But I’m perhaps more surprised at my other time estimate that at around 2:59pm, earlier in the day my oldest son called wanting to know when we would show up. We still had not had lunch with my younger, hockey playing son. There is no telling how long lunch would take. Chris was not even out of the locker room yet. There is no idea how long the goodbye hugs would take. With no reference point on when we would leave, but I told Brandon “We will be there between 8:45 and 9:00pm”. So off to lunch, hugs good bye, and we were on the road.

8:52:30 was the mid-point of that original estimate. So not only did we pull in within one minute of my mid-point that I texted my son once we were on the road, but I pulled that 15 minute window seemingly totally out of the air.

Yea, bow to my inner-clock.

Now to figure out how to get people to use accurate times on mircowaves and let the the time expire instead of leaving 9 seconds on the clock for the next person.

(Evil Laugh!!!)

2 Responses to “I am a Time god. Bow to my inner-chronometer.”

  1. topsurf

    Ha! This is awesome. My husband and I also have a running game going w/ time estimates, he however is always off and I of course am usually dead on. I love this post!

  2. Askren

    Ha! This is zwesome. My husband and I also have a running game going w/ time estimates, he however is always off and I of c0urse am usually dead on. I love this post!;

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