My 2009 Social Stats

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Today as I was archiving old email I got an idea to figure out just how much information I created or processed for the year.

I’m an e-mail pack rat. I keep most every message sent to me. I do not keep spam, most mailing list messages, etc. So messages where Twitter tells me I have a new follower and similar are not included.

For Twitter, I have to way to count the number I read, nor do I have a way to count Plurk stats or text messages and IM’s sent or received.

I have two separate Flickr accounts, one is for bulk uploads and represents all but around 180 photos which I uploaded to the main Flickr account.

And while photos taken isn’t a social stat, its an interesting number.

Here are the numbers:

Count Channel
16,207 Emails Received
2,338 Emails Sent
3074 Tweets Sent
1,883 Photos uploaded to Flickr
106 Blog Posts
13,962 Photos Taken

4 Responses to “My 2009 Social Stats”

  1. topsurf

    Very interesting. I’m most impressed with your 13,962 photographs taken, that stat is completely AWESOME!

  2. admin

    Plurk shows you your plurks and responses from the beginning of your account, so if you’ve been on for over a year, you can no longer figure out what you did for the year unless you’re OCD about such things and wrote the numbers down as the ball drops on NYC.

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