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My life as a BlackBerry owner has seen me through three handsets. I started with a Verizon 8703e, a reasonably functional handset. The browser was terrible and there were not a lot of apps for it. TwitterBerry was my app of choice early in its infancy. But as the developer’s added features (including fetching 200 tweets) it became unusable.

A short term acquaintance with a Pearl 8130 allowed me to browse the Internet better yet TwitterBerry didn’t seem to run well. I switched to TwiXtreme, which seemed to run better. I never got into hand held tweeting with that handset, partially because of the half-keyboard, the other part was the small screen and the apps still did not perform well.

In January of this year, I inherited a Curve 8900 on the AT&T network. I installed TwiXtreme, but again, just couldn’t get into twittering from my hand-held, though it was a nice “cute” app.

Today, I installed the office Research In Motion Twitter Application available from the BlackBerry App World. It installed quickly. I added my twitter login and password, said to remember me and it was off an running.

The app has all the usual features, see your mentions, direct messages and lets you reply to messages, set your status and so on. It does it fast and elegantly. Though it only shows two tweets at a time, it very easily scrolls to older tweets and if its fetching older tweets in the background you don’t see any delay.

It also supports lists, popular topics and search, something not seen in the other apps I’ve tried. And like any good Twitter app, it counts down your available number of characters as you compose your tweets.

Where the RIM Twitter client has impressed me is how it fits in with the Blackberry. You are notified when new tweets arrive (a feature I turned off), when new mentions and direct messages show up along with the rest of your messages. Now, e-mail, FaceBook messages, gTalk notifications, and important Twitter notifications all flow through a single messaging interface.

It also interfaces well with the camera and stored photos. I can initiate a photo from the Twitter app or I can grab an existing photo from my memory card and tweet it out using TwitPic in a very seamless manner.

It is supposed to shorten URL’s, but I’ve not had a chance to test it yet. We will also have to see what the impact on the battery will be with it running in the background all the time.

Pending the battery tests, this looks like one very well done application and its supposedly an open Beta. My version is

At this point, I’d have to give it a thumbs up and recommend others give it a go. Twitter on the hand-held might become fun again.

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    I don’t know what the hell you’re talking about but I thought I’d say HI! (I’m a technodoofus)

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