Photo Sharing — a Rant

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We love our social networking…  Let me count the ways (and in no particular order): Google+, Facebook, Plurk, Twitter, Model Mayhem, My Space (yea, I still have a My Space account) and of course, being a photographer Flickr.

We love our different social nets for various reasons and frequently our friends are with us in multiple places.  But you have enough friend that are unique in each one that you want to share with all of them.  Also, various networks popularity wanes and waxes with times (i.e. fades in and out — hey, this is a geek blog, I can use geek terms!)

But what frustrates the hell out of me is that I can’t use one service to collect all my feed back.  While I can, as I did tonight with this photo:
I uploaded it to Flickr, where as of the time of this post, its up to 33 views already.

From Flickr, I can post them to Facebook, Twitter, and my photo blog at I also took the Flickr link, posted to Plurk.

The problem is my feed back is all fragmented and I don’t get credit for any views and my comments are spread out all over the place.

On Facebook, I’ve accumulated 4 likes and 3 comments.  But to do that I’ve had to not only post it to Facebook from Flickr, but had to upload it directly to post it into a photo group.  I have at least one more group to share it with and of course I need to upload it to my fan page.  Even Facebook won’t let me upload once and put it in multiple places.

Then several people told me to upload it to Google+ which has already gotten a couple of likes and comments there.  Plurk Friends have already laid down a hand full of comments too.  While I can’t see views from these other services in the brief hour this photo has been online, its gotten 10+ comments and the equivalent of 6 favorites or so.

I so wish that these social nets would drive traffic back to Flickr so I could have all my comments in one place.

Oh and Facebook/Flickr/Yahoo.  I DO NOT want you to send everything I upload to Flickr to Facebook.  Let me click on the Facebook button on Flickr to decide which photos I want to share over there.  THAIXBAI!


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