Why I hate my new (retina) iPad

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white iPadI know that’s probably not what anyone would expect to hear about this incredibly amazing device. I mean the screen is freakin’ mind-blowing sharp.  The battery life is impressive.  It’s a great form factor to carry around and actually use.

That’s the problem.

You see, I’ve been in a two year, very hot relationship with my iPhone4.  Ever since the first iPhone came out in 2008, I have wanted to have one, but I couldn’t justify it.  My day job required me to use a crackberry, er. I mean Blackberry.  My youngest son jumped on board with the iPhone 3G and it made me lust for an iPhone even more.  My older son moved to a 3Gs and now of the three “boys” in the house, I was the last one to not have one.  Me, the major techno-geekdorknerd.  Me the person who lives and breaths the Internet with a major email addiction.

June 2010 roles around and Apple comes out with the retina iPhone4.  The youngest was ready for an upgrade and I would not be denied this time.  We both went and got our iPhone4’s the same day and my dreams were fulfilled.  

This device is simply amazing.  The screen is freakin’ mind-blowing sharp.  For as much as I use it, the battery life is impressive.  It’s a great form factor to use as a phone, carry in my pocket, and stay electronically connected.

I bank from it.  I PayPal, eBay and Craigslist from it.  I keep up to date on the weather and sports scores.  I find new music.  I play games.  I take photos with it.  I social network from it.  I travel alot and it’s my travel assistant and I even occasionally talk to someone on it.  I listen to music and watch an occasional YouTube video (I will neither confirm or deny allegations about viewing occasional adult oriented videos).  It’s my photo portfolio, its my model release and invoice maker.  About the only things I don’t do on it is program and post process images and photos.

I’ve babied this device.  I clean it.  I take care of it.  I nurture it.  I have never cared more for an electronic device.

Fast forward to Saturday April 14, 2012 at 4pmish.  That’s when a trip to the local AT&T store resulted in a little white new iPad with it’s 16GB of memory and it’s 4G capabilities came into my life.  This is my first iPad.

Did I say how impressive it is?

I spent the next several hours loading over all of my favorite apps from iTunes, buying a few that I needed like a good weather app (did you know the default Weather and Clock apps from the iPhone don’t appear to be present for the iPad?).  The first thing I had to try was Draw Something on the big screen.  My big fingers make drawing on the iPhone an interesting challenge.  What a different it makes.  

I eventually set up email on it (only getting 2 of the 5 accounts I’m loading on my iPhone) and what I found was that . . .

I’m not using my iPhone nearly as much.  I start it up to find dozens of emails sitting there waiting on me that I’ve already read on my iPad and archived in Thunderbird on my MacBook Pro.  Since I like to archive messages, I don’t use IMAP or any other “keep all my devices in sync” email process because I like to keep my phone (and now iPad) clean of mail and my MacBook to be my repository.  This is probably going to have to change because I cannot manage my email 3 times.

Besides play-testing my apps that I develop, I can honestly say I’ve been in Facebook once on my iPhone and I’ve used the flashlight app.  I feel like I’ve shunned a great trusty friend and lover over some other hot-sexy model with a gorgeous look and an alluring smile.  I’ve cheated on my best electronic friend.

Damn you iPad!

Now I have to figure out how to make this a working polygamous relationship (and keeping the now 4th wheel MacBook Pro happy.)

4 Responses to “Why I hate my new (retina) iPad”

  1. Mario

    Ahhh what a great reason to hate it though, no? :) Don’t worry. Your iphone will be waiting for you…..in the dark….at a dinner table…with cold dinner….late at night. lol!!!

  2. Rebecca Laffar-Smith

    In time since I got iPad2 I’ve found while I do use my iphone4 less I use it differently from how I use my iPad. I tend to do a lot more texting, phone calls and listening to music from my iPhone. I can plug my phone into my car for stereo music and hands free voice calls. I use my phone for checking weather and banking because I can even do that while standing at the checkout if the shopping cost more than expected and I need to juggle funds between accounts. But I keep my iPad handy too, for reading ebooks, checking the net (bigger screen and keyboard definite plus for that), and playing games. My new love on the iPad is drawing, you can get a special stylus/pen that works on iPad that gives you more pencil like control than your finger and drawing becomes like working on paper only easier. The trouble now is that I want the iPad3 but my iPad2 works just fine so I can’t justify the expense for the sake of a few more pixels.

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