Cold fire hydrant and other winter adventures.

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When I started this blog four years ago, my very first post The Long and Winding Road was the story of the journey of an Earthworm I encountered on my daily lunch time walks.

Those walks have gone by the wayside as my lunch is spent, fingers typing away, learning more about the world around me and trying to make the world a better place by my minor contributions (on the grand scale of life) to it.  This winter has been particularly cruel to me.  I’ve yet to have a photo shoot.  I spend my weekends on the computer, not hiking through the woods.  Earlier this week I decided to resume these walks.  It’s winter and today represented the first of those walks. 

One commentator on my early blog posts from my walks complained that there were no photos so today I now, 4 years later provide some photos from the walk, including a new encounter with the Earthworm. 

Earthworm struggles


Cold fire hydrant


Inside a Crepe Myrtle


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