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On being Omniscient

Being called a “Know-it-all” had a very negative connotation growing up.  Being the smarty pants comes off as elitist, egotistical and, well snooty.  No one likes to be made “a fool of” in front of their peers when their knowledge is called into question.  I some times wonder if that’s part of this country’s anti-science establishment?

Make no bones about it, I’m on a quest to become a Super Genius.  Battling age make this a tough quest.  Every day I grow wiser, but learning new things is getting harder.  But I must push on. 

At the same time, I am Omniscient.  I know everything.  “Bulls&*#” you say.  Here is my proof:

I know everything that I know.  Therefore I know everything that belongs to my universe.   Every day, new things enter my universe and when they do, I now know them.

Therefore, I know every thing.  I am Omniscient.

My universe, like the cosmic physical universe is ever expanding, growing larger each hour of each day.  Join me on my quest to enjoy a richer universe.

Being a know-it-all is really a good thing.

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  1. December 25th, 2013 at 16:00 | #1

    well not really the Omniscient attribute of God who encompasses all things and knows all things . Smart or Brilliant would suffice maybe. I appreciate the constant hunger for knowledge. I share the same appetite (: Cheers!

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