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Rob MiracleAbout Rob Miracle


Rob has been shooting for publications and professionally since 1978. He started out shooting for his high school yearbook where he developed his initial skills and taught himself black and white darkroom processes.

As Rob moved to college, he continued to shoot for the yearbook at the University of Kentucky as well as the student run Kentucky Kernel. Here he started courses in Journalism including Introduction to Photojournalism. After a transfer to Eastern Kentucky University, he continued to take journalism classes including “Advanced Photojournalism” while pursuing his degree in Finance and Computer Information Systems. He shot for the student run Eastern Progress and was promoted to Photo Editor in his second year with the paper.

After college, Rob continued with photography more as a hobby, but did shoot weddings on a part time basis. In 1997, after moving to Key West, Florida, he joined the staff of Island News a community weekly as their Staff Photographer. He shot with them for two years before moving to North Carolina. While with Island News Rob won awards from the Florida Press Association in Action Sports and Spot News. While in Key West, Rob along with his Wife started “Photographic Miracles by Rob” a photography business specializing in youth sports photography. This was all in addition to holding down a full time Computer Programming job.

The programming job transfered Rob to North Carolina in 1999. He and Sherry continued the youth photography business, now simply known as “Photographic Miracles”. The business expanded as they took on event photography for many different events but focused on Ice and Inline Hockey and Figure Skating. At the end of 2000, Rob departed the computing industry to move into photography full time. Photographic Miracles expanded until they had most of the hockey and figure skating contracts along the Atlantic Seaboard ranging from Pennsylvania to Georgia. During this time Rob shot as a freelance photographer for The Cary News and The Apex Herald and Soccer America.

Starting in 2003, Rob and Sherry expanded “Photographic Miracles” into weddings and family portraits. 2005 saw a temporary exit from professional photography and the opportunity to sell the business presented itself. Rob was itching to work on some personal projects that were not possible while running the business. He also re-entered the information technology industry going to work for McClatchy Interactive, the online division of the large national news paper company, McClatchy Inc. Rob was already familiar with McClatchy as they owned The Cary News for which he had freelanced. With this job, he was back to his news roots, but this time helping the various news papers for McClatchy bring their publications to the web or expand to their new content management system. This job allows him to work closely with 35 daily news paper newsrooms and a host of community publications. He still shoots occasional assignments for his new employer.

While on sabbatical from paid photography, Rob is focusing on improving his skills as a landscape and cityscape photographer and has recently joined the Fashion photography industry shooting portfolio work for models in the south east. By applying 25 years of experience including advanced lighting techniques and with the journalistic twist, he is able to provide a solid base for editorial style fashion and glamour photography.

Rob has been published in several books, shot assignments for Reuters and has been published in The New York Times. He has had commercial success providing art for large national companies like Gatorade, Xerox as well as local businesses such as the Carolina Hurricanes, and Modis IT.


Rob has always had a passion to learn. He has benefited from from great teachers and instructors over the years. Without those teachers willing to share what they know, people can’t grow. Giving back is important for Rob and he has made a career sharing what he knows.

Rob’s first training experience was at Jefferson Community College in Louisville, Kentucky where he taught some introductory computer classes while helping computerize the campus. Rob moved to the University of Louisville as an Academic Consultant where he helped develop and teach the computer training program for the faculty and staff.

Rob also started coaching his son’s soccer team which started 16 years of coaching youth sports. He coached soccer, baseball, basketball and hockey during his tenure at both the recreational and travel levels of play.

He eventually moved to McClatchy Interactive, where as a support developer, he developed the initial training program on the MI Content Management system used by 31 McClatchy owned daily papers and a host of other third party news papers. He recently accepted a position with MI as the Senior Product Trainer where he travels the country providing training to the various publications.

As an active member in the Raleigh Flickr group, he is constantly sharing his knowledge of photography back with other members.


Rob is the renaissance man of geekdom. From his love of science to his passion for Fantasy and Science Fiction, Rob’s non-training and non-photography and non-family time is spent exploring various areas that many people would consider geek. With over 25 years in the computing field including game development, network administration and having witnessed the birth of the Internet.

He’s also got an opinion on a lot of things and this might just be where those show up…..

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