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The Flora I See On My Walk.

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I try to walk a mile each day at work. I don’t make this goal as weather, work and errands will get in the way. When I first started, several people busted me for not taking a camera to take photos of the things I was blogging and tweeting about. So I took the camera… Read more »

Boob Tube — NBC’s Meteor Crashes and Burns *Spoilers*

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I don’t know why NBC even tries these things. They clearly cannot do science based TV. Okay, ER was pretty good on a science side, but every thing else they do is an EPIC FAIL. I didn’t go into this show with a lot of high expectations has other recent NBC shows have bombed, but… Read more »

Robisms – Important Books

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Facebook people are at it again. There are several “lists” of things you’ve done, read, etc. floating around and you “tag” others to do their own list and continue the tagging. Its the modern-day chain letter. But these are fun and don’t cost you a first class postage stamp or add too much to your… Read more »

Geek Cuisine — Cutting Chicken

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On the way home from vacation, the Mrs. notified me that we would not be eating in tonight, in particular after wrapping up a 10 hour drive.  I’ve been craving some non-KFC fried chicken and well I wanted to go to Golden Corral.  I lobbied my cause, she didn’t fight it, so it was time… Read more »

Sports Geek — OMG Canes Win!!! Canes Win!!!

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I should be writing a blog post on about today’s Kentucky Derby Festival activities. But I can’t. Go see my photos from Dawn at the Downs here! No I can’t blog now, I’m in major jubilation mode. The Carolina Hurricanes just slapped the New Jersey Devils right out of the play offs in a… Read more »

Kissed by a Horse — A True Story

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Once basketball season ends in Kentucky, life turns towards Kentucky’s other sporting passion, Horse Racing. Kentucky is known as the horse capital of the world, known for its picturesque plank fenced horse farms sprawling over rolling hills of Kentucky Blue Grass. In Kentucky, horses are raced, trotted, shown, jumped and danced. Horses of all breads… Read more »

Oh West Virginia how “I Heart Thee” — NOT!

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As some of you may know I’m traveling to Kentucky for the Kentucky Derby Festival. You can read all about it at Normally, my wife and I prefer to take I-40 from Raleigh to Knoxville and then catch I-75 north. When visiting my side of the family first, this is the best route. However… Read more »

Tech Geek — Why You Should Be Twittering

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Twitter. Tweets. Tweeple twittering. Its all over the place like the yellow pollen covering every inch of your car and house. You can’t escape from it. Twitter (wikipedia) hit the mainstream and is no longer just some silly geek toy with a silly name. In the past couple of months, Twitter has gone from geek-stream… Read more »

Tech Geek — Infinitely Useful Tools

Posted by & filed under Tech Geek. Geek’s are notorious for “hacking”. In their defense the terms “Hacker”, “Hacked”, etc. have gotten a bad rap because its been associated with people who do bad things using “Hacks”. Its like the old saying “Guns don’t kill people, people kill people”. The truth is, hacking isn’t bad, its bad people who use them… Read more »

Tech Geek — Adventures in Objective C Land

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Thank you for your patience with all the Sports-Geek posts of late, but its a subject near and dear to my heart. To make up for it, lets go really geek and deal with computer programming. I am a programmer. It’s what I do. It’s what I’m good at. Now I’m old school and its… Read more »

Sports Geek — Who should Kentucky get for their next coach?

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Today the University of Kentucky athletic department and the men’s basketball head coach, Billy Gillispie separated ways. The separation was announced at a 4:30pm press conference after several days of speculation. You can follow the Lexington Herald-Leader’s coverage here! There are numerous reasons why they needed to part ways but they can all be summed… Read more »

Sports Geek — Is it time for Kentucky to find a new coach? Is it time to fire Billy Gillispie

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Its time for the NCAA‘s Big Dance and time for Billie Gillispie to dance out of Lexington. “March Madness” is a wonderful time of year for sports geeks.   This week, hundreds of thousands of people will be filling our their “Brackets”, studying records, trash talking their friends as they all enjoy four weeks of basketball… Read more »

Think Geek — Understanding the Geek Mind

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A lot of people get laughs from CBS’s “The Big Bang Theory” where an apartment full of “geeks” have their adventures with their neighbor, an attractive “normal” woman. Stereotypes aside (the geeks are portrayed as nerds, the woman a blond), the show does have a lot of good wit based around geeks fascination with speaking… Read more »