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Geek Cuisine — Eat your vegetables.

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If my mamma could see me now…. Mom left us for a better place back in 1997. Here we are 16 years later and oh would she be so proud of me. You see, I’m what’s known as a picky eater. Now looking me, you wouldn’t think food would be a problem, but the simple… Read more »

Geek Cuisine — Making Cornbread

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Growing up in the heart of Kentucky farm land, a staple of our diet was Cornbread. For those who have never had cornbread. it is really more cake like than bread.  You don’t slice it in to thin slices and put sandwich meat or peanut butter and jelly on it.  Instead its typically baked in… Read more »

Geek Cuisine — Peanut Butter Fudge

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Prepare: Grease a 9×9 baking dish with the extra stick of butter to keep the fudge from sticking. Spoon the peanut butter into a measuring cup. Have the confectioners sugar open and ready to pour. Have your mixer with beaters ready. Cook: Melt the other stick in a sauce pan (quart size?) Stir in… Read more »

Geek Cuisine — Cutting Chicken

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On the way home from vacation, the Mrs. notified me that we would not be eating in tonight, in particular after wrapping up a 10 hour drive.  I’ve been craving some non-KFC fried chicken and well I wanted to go to Golden Corral.  I lobbied my cause, she didn’t fight it, so it was time… Read more »

Sports Geek — Who should Kentucky get for their next coach?

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Today the University of Kentucky athletic department and the men’s basketball head coach, Billy Gillispie separated ways. The separation was announced at a 4:30pm press conference after several days of speculation. You can follow the Lexington Herald-Leader’s coverage here! There are numerous reasons why they needed to part ways but they can all be summed… Read more »

Geek Cuisine — Making a Bologna Sandwich

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How hard can it be? Well it can be a real pain in the tookus. Today during my telecommute day, it was approaching 1:30pm and the hunger monster showed up.  I didn’t want to spend much time preparing something.  I thought “Hmmm, a Bologna Sandwich and Chips would be easy”.  I was soooo wrong. Normally… Read more »