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Sports Geek — The ACC Football Disaster?

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Full Disclosure: I’m a born and bred Kentuckian. I’ve lived here in the heart of the Atlantic Coast Conference for 10 years. I have no loyalty for any school’s athletics in the ACC. I respect UNC/Chapel Hill and Duke’s basketball program for the success that they have earned. UNC and Duke have had success in… Read more »

Sports Geek — OMG Canes Win!!! Canes Win!!!

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I should be writing a blog post on about today’s Kentucky Derby Festival activities. But I can’t. Go see my photos from Dawn at the Downs here! No I can’t blog now, I’m in major jubilation mode. The Carolina Hurricanes just slapped the New Jersey Devils right out of the play offs in a… Read more »

Kissed by a Horse — A True Story

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Once basketball season ends in Kentucky, life turns towards Kentucky’s other sporting passion, Horse Racing. Kentucky is known as the horse capital of the world, known for its picturesque plank fenced horse farms sprawling over rolling hills of Kentucky Blue Grass. In Kentucky, horses are raced, trotted, shown, jumped and danced. Horses of all breads… Read more »

Sports Geek — Who should Kentucky get for their next coach?

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Today the University of Kentucky athletic department and the men’s basketball head coach, Billy Gillispie separated ways. The separation was announced at a 4:30pm press conference after several days of speculation. You can follow the Lexington Herald-Leader’s coverage here! There are numerous reasons why they needed to part ways but they can all be summed… Read more »

Sports Geek — Is it time for Kentucky to find a new coach? Is it time to fire Billy Gillispie

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Its time for the NCAA‘s Big Dance and time for Billie Gillispie to dance out of Lexington. “March Madness” is a wonderful time of year for sports geeks.   This week, hundreds of thousands of people will be filling our their “Brackets”, studying records, trash talking their friends as they all enjoy four weeks of basketball… Read more »

Sports Geek — Playing with imortal fire……

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I grew up in Sports Mecca where I’ve witnessed first hand the magnificent glory of champions. Champions who have won because they were the best and champions who have won because they refused to loose. That mecca is a wonderful world known simply as Kentucky. Today I’m committing a sin so large that I may… Read more »

Sports Geek Update! Steelers Win! Steelers Win!

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I didn’t actually twitter much during the game.  I’m a sports geek and I was pretty focused on the game.  I think I tweeted 2 or 3 times.  I follow around 240 people and boy were they chatty during the game.  400 tweets and I would guess 70% of them were Superbowl Related. There were… Read more »

Its Super Bowl Sunday — Sports Geeks Unite!

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Well most people see geeks and nerds.  Nerds wear pocket protectors, big thick glasses and have Spock Ears and a collection of Star Wars toys.  Geek is about loving something perhaps too passionately.  Generally we like our Star Wars, our computers, or our cell phones and many techies are geeks.  But you can be geek… Read more »

Technology is sometimes “Too Good”.

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I’m sitting in the family room, MacBook Pro on my lapboard, tweeting and plurking while I wait on gPartd to repartition the desktop in my office so I can install Windows 7 Beta.  Well we’ve got the Ravens-Titans game on the big screen and about 5 minutes to go in the game.  I’m a sports… Read more »