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Santa is Real, just a little different that you expect.

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Santa woman holding a gift isolated on white background from Yuri Arcurs Website We have long envisioned Santa Claus as a jolly fat man in a red suit with elves and magical reindeer spending their lives making wooden trains and so on. Well that was the old Santa who made toys for your parents. Today,… Read more »

Kissed by a Horse — A True Story

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Once basketball season ends in Kentucky, life turns towards Kentucky’s other sporting passion, Horse Racing. Kentucky is known as the horse capital of the world, known for its picturesque plank fenced horse farms sprawling over rolling hills of Kentucky Blue Grass. In Kentucky, horses are raced, trotted, shown, jumped and danced. Horses of all breads… Read more »

Think Geek — Understanding the Geek Mind

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A lot of people get laughs from CBS’s “The Big Bang Theory” where an apartment full of “geeks” have their adventures with their neighbor, an attractive “normal” woman. Stereotypes aside (the geeks are portrayed as nerds, the woman a blond), the show does have a lot of good wit based around geeks fascination with speaking… Read more »