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Why I hate my new (retina) iPad

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I know that’s probably not what anyone would expect to hear about this incredibly amazing device. I mean the screen is freakin’ mind-blowing sharp.  The battery life is impressive.  It’s a great form factor to carry around and actually use. That’s the problem. You see, I’ve been in a two year, very hot relationship with… Read more »

Implementing a Health Status Bar in Corona SDK

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Implementing a Health Status Bar in Corona SDK Many games need a way to show the players how well they are doing. It could be a simple counter to show the number of lives left or a bar that decreases and increases as a players energy goes up and down. There are as many different… Read more »

Tech Geek — Adventures in Objective C Land

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Thank you for your patience with all the Sports-Geek posts of late, but its a subject near and dear to my heart. To make up for it, lets go really geek and deal with computer programming. I am a programmer. It’s what I do. It’s what I’m good at. Now I’m old school and its… Read more »