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My 2009 Social Stats

January 7th, 2010 4 comments

Today as I was archiving old email I got an idea to figure out just how much information I created or processed for the year.

I’m an e-mail pack rat. I keep most every message sent to me. I do not keep spam, most mailing list messages, etc. So messages where Twitter tells me I have a new follower and similar are not included.

For Twitter, I have to way to count the number I read, nor do I have a way to count Plurk stats or text messages and IM’s sent or received.

I have two separate Flickr accounts, one is for bulk uploads and represents all but around 180 photos which I uploaded to the main Flickr account.

And while photos taken isn’t a social stat, its an interesting number.

Here are the numbers:

Count Channel
16,207 Emails Received
2,338 Emails Sent
3074 Tweets Sent
1,883 Photos uploaded to Flickr
106 Blog Posts
13,962 Photos Taken