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Programming 101 Part 1 – What is programming?

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What is a programmer? The lure of creating a great mobile app or building your own website can captivate people to dig into the world of programming, only to be met with frustration because programming is different than most anything people have tried before. Unlike your auto mechanic, who has something physical to work with… Read more »

Collision detection without physics.

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A frequent question that comes up in the Corona SDK forums is how to detect when two images on a screen hit each other. This is known as a “Collision”. The ability to determine when two things have bumped into each other is called “Collision Detection”. Within Corona SDK, being that its an event driven… Read more »

Implementing a Health Status Bar in Corona SDK

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Implementing a Health Status Bar in Corona SDK Many games need a way to show the players how well they are doing. It could be a simple counter to show the number of lives left or a bar that decreases and increases as a players energy goes up and down. There are as many different… Read more »

Tech Geek — Adventures in Objective C Land

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Thank you for your patience with all the Sports-Geek posts of late, but its a subject near and dear to my heart. To make up for it, lets go really geek and deal with computer programming. I am a programmer. It’s what I do. It’s what I’m good at. Now I’m old school and its… Read more »