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Review of the RIM BlackBerry Twitter App

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My life as a BlackBerry owner has seen me through three handsets. I started with a Verizon 8703e, a reasonably functional handset. The browser was terrible and there were not a lot of apps for it. TwitterBerry was my app of choice early in its infancy. But as the developer’s added features (including fetching 200… Read more »

My 2009 Social Stats

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crystal numbers from Crestock Royalty Free Images Today as I was archiving old email I got an idea to figure out just how much information I created or processed for the year. I’m an e-mail pack rat. I keep most every message sent to me. I do not keep spam, most mailing list messages, etc…. Read more »

6 Reasons to upgrade to TweetDeck 0.30

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and 4 reasons you should be using TweetDeck anyway. The newest release of TweetDeck came out yesterday, September 9th and it included a lot of new features. For those that do not know what TweetDeck is, it is a Twitter “client” that runs as an application on your computer rather than using Twitter through their… Read more »

Tech Geek — Why You Should Be Twittering

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Twitter. Tweets. Tweeple twittering. Its all over the place like the yellow pollen covering every inch of your car and house. You can’t escape from it. Twitter (wikipedia) hit the mainstream and is no longer just some silly geek toy with a silly name. In the past couple of months, Twitter has gone from geek-stream… Read more »